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Medicinal herbs and herbs

What are plants?

Plants are living creatures that cannot move and carry out photosynthesis. The question immediately came to me: what are living creatures? Living things are organized units capable of, among other things, metabolism, reproduction, irritability, growth and evolution. If humans are living beings and so are plants, do they have feelings just like we do? I always tell my children when we are out in the forest that they don't want to break branches or hit the plants with a stick. Now imagine that the plants are in pain. That's why it's important to me to live and learn to live in harmony with nature. Every plant is an individual just like we are as humans. So we have quite a few similarities. That doesn't mean we can't use them, but we should sometimes have a little more respect for nature.

I deliberately didn't include the word "medicinal plants" in my blog because I can't promise you any healing, after all, I'm not a doctor or pharmacist. I'll show you how the plant can possibly be used well, for example as a support for what the doctor has prescribed for you (but please do this in consultation with your family doctor). The plant world is so diverse and there is always something to discover. A medicinal plant is a useful plant that is used internally or externally for medicinal purposes or as a medicinal plant to relieve and prevent diseases. Many medicinal plants are also poisonous plants; you should not simply consume these, but rather speak to your doctor. Other plants are less dangerous, I'm just thinking of sage, ribwort plantain, etc., which can be used well for their purpose. Shouldn't you find the plant right away or are you looking for - Which plant could I use? - Please use the search bar at the top and enter what you want to search there. I hope you enjoy browsing through and discovering well-known and not yet known plants.

Please note: Visiting these pages cannot replace a visit to the doctor. If you have serious or unclear symptoms, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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