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Heart disease - Hildegard von Bingen

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Heart disease - Hildegard von Bingen

Heartache from raw food

“... for the harmful juices that escape from the liver strive for the spleen and the heart and cause trouble to these organs... If a person has eaten raw vegetables or other raw food, neither on the fire nor with any As spices have been prepared, they cannot be easily cooked in his stomach... and so they also send a harmful bubble to the spleen. This causes it to bloat, swell and become sore. Due to its painful swelling, it also causes pain to the heart..."

According to Hildegard, you should never eat food raw. Salads that are pickled with vinegar are no longer raw. Many heart patients have heart problems caused by this bloated spleen, which is often caused by raw food.

The big heart cure – Part 1: The Greek clover pills

“When noxious humors have abounded in the intestines and spleen of a man, and have brought much suffering to the heart through black bile, let him take the same weight of galangal and bertram, a quarter of each of them white pepper, or, if he has white pepper If you don't have available, four times as much pepper herb and process the whole thing into powder. Then he takes bean flour, adds the powder mentioned and mixes everything with the juice of fenugreek, but without water, wine or any other liquid. Then he should form little cakes out of all this and let them dry in the warmth of the sun... Then he should eat these little cakes both after breakfast and on an empty stomach...”

You take two Greek clover pills after eating for the first 10 days, then two pills each some time before and after eating. For a complete heart cure you should also take the heart juice (fennel potion) and the Greek clover powder.

The big heart cure – Part 2: The heart juice (fennel potion)

“Then let him take licorice, five times as much fennel, sugar equal to the weight of the licorice and a little honey, make a potion out of it, namely the Lauter potion and drink it both after breakfast and on an empty stomach to combat heartache!”

This sweet juice is best drunk after the Greek clover pills. The sweetness of the heart juice takes away the sharpness of the pills.

The big heart cure – Part 3: The Greek clover powder mixture

“So take white pepper, a third of it cumin and half as much fenugreek as caraway, grind it into powder and eat it slowly with a bite of bread both on an empty stomach and after breakfast, before you feel weakness in your heart or the pain sets in there! “

Put a pinch of this powder on the bread and chew it slowly. If you use the big heart cure, consisting of Greek clover pills and powder as well as the fennel potion, you often notice a significant improvement in your heart condition after a short time, but practice has shown that you should definitely carry it out for up to 9 months.

The horseradish and galangal mixture – a heart powder

“And when the horseradish is green, let it be dried in the sun, and to it be added powder of galangal in equal weight. And whoever has heartache, let him eat this powder after eating and on an empty stomach with bread, and he will be better.”

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