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Healing and cupping - Hildegard von Bingen

Healing and cupping - Hildegard von Bingen

The Cure

“...And so wonderful works of God are native to all of God's creatures, to the animals and fish and birds, to the herbs and flowers and trees...”

In order to heal, Hildegard lives a life in harmony and harmony with herself and her environment. She shows this path using her 6 rules of life:

Life energy comes from the four world elements.

The right food and drink

Find the rhythm of movement and rest, i.e. work and leisure.

Understand sleeping and waking as balanced forces.

The art of excretion and secretion of pathogenic fluids

The healing power is obtained through the practice of Christian virtues.

The cupping

“Cupping is useful and good at any time, so that the harmful juices and mucus that are in people are reduced... But those who have a lot of soft and fatty flesh can have their blood removed twice in a month through cupping...”

Cupping is a possible detoxification procedure used by Hildegard, which draws the bad and mucous fluids (lymph) out of the body.

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