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Grapes against cellulite

Grapes against cellulite


1/4 kg blue grapes

2 cups healing clay

1 cup of yogurt or sour or sweet cream

2 tablespoons cold pressed grape seed oil or olive oil


thin film

Cotton bandages


The grapes are crushed or mixed in a bowl and then the healing clay, yoghurt or sour or sweet cream and grape seed oil or olive oil are added. Mix everything into a paste and then apply to the affected areas, for example on the thighs. Now wrap it tightly with thin foil and cotton bandages and leave it to work for at least 1 hour. Of course it is better if you let it work for longer than 1 hour.

Simply rinse off the grapes against cellulite after time.

Can help/helps with:

The grape wrap applied externally stimulates blood circulation and thus supports the formation of new collagen fibers.

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