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French Meadow-rue, Akeleiblättrige (Thalictrum aquilegifolium)


laxative, wound healing

Areas of application:

Wounds, as a laxative, back then for malaria

Plant parts used:

Root (in Thalictrum flavum the leaves)

Collection time:


To find:

French Meadow Rue grows in alluvial forests and near springs or rivers in the low mountain ranges up to higher altitudes.


Alkaloids, magnoflorium, dyes, bitter substances


Before the french meadow rue blooms, its growth habit is similar to the columbine, and the leaves in particular could be confused.

Samuel Hahnemann reports from his 200-year-old apothecary encyclopedia that freshly squeezed juice became popular among the people as a home remedy for healing wounds and ulcers.

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