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Foxglove, Red (Digitalis purpurea)

Very Toxic

Image: Botanicus



Areas of application:

irregular heart activity, cardiac arrhythmias and other degenerative heart diseases

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

May, June

To find:

Is a protected area. On the edges or in clearings, rarely in limestone-free mountain forests.


Glycosides (digitoxin, digoxin, gitoxin), saponins (digitonin)


Foxglove is a flower of the elves.

When smoked it is used to increase love and is a protective herb against negative influences.

Foxglove is a sacred plant in the annual cycle.

🛑 Foxglove is one of the most powerful poisonous plants. 2g can be fatal to a full grown man. The highly poisonous plant may only be used under medical supervision, otherwise there is a danger to life.

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