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Fermented tea

Fermented tea

What is fermented tea? By pressing the tea leaves, the leaf cells are broken open and the juice that comes out can oxidize with the oxygen in the air. This has an influence on the taste and color of the tea.

In our example we use blackberry leaves.

It is best to collect the young leaves in the evening when the weather is dry. Spread them out on a cotton or linen cloth and let them wilt overnight for about 10 hours. Then they are rolled with a bottle or a dough roller, sprinkled with a little water and wrapped in the cloth. They should now ferment in a warm place for two to three days; it is best to hang them up together with the cloth. The dried leaves are then chopped up and placed in an airtight glass container for storage. The aroma that is created is deceptively similar to Chinese tea.

It makes a dark tea, but not to be confused with black tea.

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