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Elderflower lemonade

Elderflower lemonade


1/2 kg sugar

4 liters of water

4 lemons

8 large, blooming elderflower umbels

large pot

large vessel such as earthenware etc.

fine sieve or linen cloth

Bottles with snap caps


Dissolve the sugar in the water and cut the lemons into half slices. Then add the elderflowers and lemons to the earthenware and pour the sugar water over them. Cover the container tightly and leave it in the sun for 4 to 5 days. During this time, stir everything well again and again.

If bubbles appear, the lemonade can be strained through a fine sieve and poured into bottles.

The elderflower lemonade lasts a few weeks.

If the ingredients are too much for you, you can halve them. That makes it easier.

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