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Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)



Skin-soothing, laxative

Areas of application:

Severe abdominal pain, supports the natural shielding against ultraviolet radiation, otosclerosis (disease of the middle ear)

Plant parts used:

flowering herb

Collection time:

In the garden from June to September

To find:

Edelweiss is one of the strictly protected plants!


Glycosides, bitter substances


The edelweiss already grows in some gardens, and it is always a cultivated form from the Himalayas.

The rare, felty plant was used in love spells and scared away the devil.

It was used for smoking in the stable when a cow had a swollen udder. No ghost or spirit can bear the proximity or smell of the plant.

Edelweiss is almost extinct, but you can still see it every day on the Austrian 2-cent coins, and the Alpine clubs and mountain troops of the Federal Army also wear the flower symbol on their logos and pins.

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