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Devil's bite (Succisa pratensis)


diaphoretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, blood purifying

Areas of application:

Blood purification, chest mucus, rashes, pimples, mild diarrhea, sore throat, mild fever, eye problems, bruises, skin inflammation, sprains, eczema, boils, inflamed wounds, headache, lichen

Plant parts used:

root, herb

Collection time:

Root in May

Herb from July to August

To find:

Occasionally on swampy meadows, poor grasslands and forest clearings.


Tannins, plant acid, saponins, scabioside


Devil's Bite is a medicinal plant that can be used universally. You can use the plant if you want to flush toxins out of the body. The stomach benefits from the herb, as does the intestines and breathing problems. Anyone who has a devil's bite growing in front of their door should definitely use it.

There are many legends and stories about how the plant got its name. One thing is clear, the devil has bitten the root.

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