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Deadnettle blossom syrup

Deadnettle blossom syrup


3 handfuls of dried deadnettle flowers

1 liter of slightly warmed water

1kg sugar

20 g citric acid

large glass, porcelain or ceramic vessel



measuring cup



Place the dried dead nettle flowers in a large glass, porcelain or ceramic vessel and pour the slightly warmed water over them. Then let it stand for 1 day.

After 24 hours, the dead nettle flower water can be filtered through a filter and collected in a pot. Using a measuring cup, fill the flower water to 1 liter with water and stir the sugar and citric acid into the dead nettle flower water. Bring to the boil briefly and continue stirring until everything has dissolved.

Now the syrup can be bottled. Please don't forget to label it with the date and name.


If necessary, use the deadnettle blossom syrup internally by tablespoonfuls.

Can help/helps with:

for body and soul

Tip: Can also be made with lemon balm or rose petals. In summer you can of course also use fresh dead nettle flowers.

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