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Danewort (Sambucus ebulus)

Slightly toxic


diuretic, antipyretic

Areas of application:

Today it is no longer used against bladder and kidney problems, severe fever, weak menstruation and hardening of the arteries.

Plant parts used:

Roots and fruits

Collection time:

root in spring,

Fruits in autumn

To find:

At the edges of forests, in hedges and on fences.


Tannins, iridoids, bitter substances, saponins, hydrogen cyanide glycoside


☕ Tea: Pour 1/4 liter of cold water over 2 teaspoons of root, heat and then strain. 2 cups of tea per day are sufficient.

Danewort only blooms when its big brother, the real elderberry, has already produced its berries. It emits a bitter, rather unpleasant smell, just like the grape elderberry. The berries of the Danewort are upright and the berries of the real elder are hanging. The flowers of the grape elderberry are grape-shaped and those of the real elderberry are plate-shaped.

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