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Cowslip / Primrose (Primula officinalis)


expectorant, urinary and diaphoretic, calming, sleep-inducing, pain-relieving, laxative, emollient, heart-strengthening

Areas of application:

dry and chronic bronchitis, cough with phlegm, whooping cough, strengthens the heart, eliminates weakness, gout, rheumatism, stroke, migraines, tension headaches, cheers the mind, makes you calm, helps you fall asleep, magnesium deficiency, blood purification cure, promotes urine excretion

Plant parts used:

Flowers, leaves and roots

Collection time:

Leaves and flowers from May to June,

Root in spring and fall

To find:

Protected plant, digging up the roots is strictly prohibited and the flowers may only be collected with prior agreement with the nature conservation authorities.

Today it is only rarely found in unfertilized meadows, in riparian forests and sparse deciduous forests in gardens.


Saponins, phenol glycosides, essential oil, flavonoids, silica, tannins, camphor, vitamin C, magnesium


☕ Tea: 1/2 teaspoon of roots is heated with 1/4 liter of water, after boiling let it steep for 5 minutes. 2 teaspoons of fresh or dried flowers are poured with 1/4 boiling water and left to steep for 5 minutes. 3 cups per day or an additional 1 cup if necessary is sufficient.

🛑 Primrose allergies are relatively common. There are people who get a severe rash just from touching a primrose. However, this almost exclusively affects the foreign ornamental plant and not the cowslip, which is used as a medicinal plant.

The flowers are arranged in an umbel that resembles a bunch of keys.

In the kitchen, the cowslip can be used in spring salads, as a filling for meat, in jams or as a decoration on cakes, creams and ice cream as candied flowers.

The cowslip is a smuggler plant for magnesium.

Hildegard von Bingen: This herb is useful for constipation of the liver and spleen, which is why it is useful not only for dropsy, but also for those who are burdened with scurvy. Sky Key has all the power of the sun within it and when a person is sad, he ties the herb on his heart and all sadness will disappear.

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