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Common spindle (Euonymus europaeus)



Diuretic, draining, liver effective

Areas of application:

Headaches, bug remedies, lice, mites, mite scabies (scabies)

Plant parts used:

Fruits, leaves, roots

Collection time:

September, October

To find:

As undergrowth in open forests, on forest edges, in hedges and bushes, but also in parks.


Alkaloids, evonine, evonisode, steroids, caffeine, theobromine, resins, tannins


Common spindle are poisonous in all parts, especially the two-colored fruits with 3 to 4 seeds. The critical dose begins after about 3 fruits, but this doesn't happen even in children because the fruits are practically inedible and taste disgusting.

🛑 Caution!: Too high a dose can cause liver or kidney damage. Therefore, always consult your doctor. There are also better plants that you can use.

Hildegard von Bingen: The Common spindle has a kind of happiness in its nature. Let the person who has dropsy peel off the bark of the tree and set fire to the wood that is under the bark and make ashes of it without adding any other ashes. Tie these ashes in a cloth and place this cloth in a bowl of wine from morning to noon. Then drink this in the morning on an empty stomach and the suffering will disappear. And whoever has pain in the spleen, let him boil the fruit that is on this tree in pure wine and strain it through a cloth. He often drinks this after eating.

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