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Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris)

Slightly toxic



Liver-stimulating, skin-beautifying, potency-stimulating, fever-reducing, detoxifying, aphrodisiac

Areas of application:

White leprosy, gynecological problems, liver and gallbladder problems, cancer, ulcers, nasty rashes, jaundice, skin rashes, mouth ulcers, impotence, nervous tremors, swelling of the lymph nodes, sore throat and tonsillitis, menstrual disorders

In livestock medicine, columbine is used as a remedy for bloating.

Plant parts used:

Flowers, sometimes leaves

Collection time:

May to June

To find:

Is under nature protection! But can be planted in the garden.


Fat, nitrine glycoside, lipases, alkaloids such as magnaflorine, berberidine, hydrocyanic acid-forming glycoside


The columbine is a symbol of life triumphing over death. Magic uses the plant as a means of protection against hexes and evil spells, especially when the power of love is limited and the loved one stays away.

The flower of the columbine plays a role in number mysticism; it represents the golden ratio or the pentagram, the connection between God and man.

Paracelsus considered the columbine to be an important medicinal plant. The plant transforms the biological primal force, solar energy, into the ability to love. The germination power of the columbine also rejuvenates your love life and this inner love power reduces sexual weakness.


Hildegard von Bingen: Agleya is cold. A person who has seizures eats raw columbine and the seizures disappear. And the person in whom scrofelles begin to grow often eats raw columbine and the scrofelles decrease. He who throws up a lot of mucus should put columbine in honey and eat it often, and it will cleanse him. But if anyone has a fever, let him crush the columbine and strain its juice through a cloth, and add wine to this juice and drink often and he will feel better.

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