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Cold drops



1 part fresh water dost flowers

1 part fish nasturtium flowers

1 part fresh angelica stems or flowers

Kornbrand or clear fruit schnapps

screw-top jar

fine sieve, linen cloth or filter

Brown glass bottle with dropper


Lightly crush and chop the water canopy, nasturtium and angelica stems or flowers. Then put it in the screw-top jar and pour the Kornbrand or clear fruit schnapps over it so that everything is covered. Close or cover the screw-top jar and leave it in the warmth for 4 weeks.

After the month, the flowers and/or stems can be strained through a fine sieve, linen cloth or filter, squeezing out the plant parts well and pouring the tincture into brown glass bottles with a dropper. Don't forget to label with the date and name.


Use the cold drops to be taken internally. Take 30 to 40 drops daily.

Can help/helps with:

To prevent the onset of a cold, and in times of infection, they help prevent the outbreak of the disease.

Attention: Alcohol is not for children, young people, pregnant women and drivers!!!

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