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Clove tincture

Clove tincture


3 tablespoons cloves

high proof alcohol (fruit brandy, grain schnapps)

Rolling pin

dark glass with lid or dark container

fine sieve, linen cloth or filter

Brown glass bottle


Crush the cloves with a rolling pin and place them in a dark container. Then pour the high-proof alcohol over it so that the cloves are well covered. Leave it in the warmth for 3 weeks, shaking occasionally. After the 3 weeks it can be strained through a fine sieve, linen cloth or filter, I recommend a coffee filter, and poured into an brown glass bottle. Don’t forget to label it with your name and date.


Take a few drops internally. Please take sparingly and in small doses, as larger amounts can lead to poisoning.

Helps with:

Nausea with vomiting, toothache (the tincture only partially replaces the essential oil for toothache), or as a seasoning

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