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Cistus syrup

Cistus syrup


1 handful of cistus shoot tips, flowers and leaves

1/4 liter of water

150g honey





Place the cistus shoot tips, flowers and leaves in a pot and pour cold water over them. Then cook for 5 minutes and then let it steep for another 10 minutes.

After the brewing time, the shoot tips, flowers and leaves can be filtered through a filter and the strong decoction is returned to the pot. Now the honey is added and the whole thing is boiled again. Mix everything well and when the honey has dissolved, the finished syrup can be poured into a bottle. Label with name and date and when the syrup has cooled, store in the refrigerator.


Adults take 6 tablespoons of the cistus syrup daily throughout the day and children take 3 tablespoons throughout the day (e.g. morning/lunch/evening).

Can help/helps with:

The cistus syrup can help protect cells and strengthen the immune system.

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