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Cinquefoil tincture

Cinquefoil tincture


1 handful of dried roots

high proof alcohol

2 to 3 tablespoons fresh or dried cinquefoil leaves

2 x jars with lids

Coffee filter

Amber glass bottle with dropper cap or pipette


Cut the dried root into small pieces and place in a glass. Then pour high-percentage alcohol over it so that the plant material is completely covered. The alcohol should be a hand's breadth above the roots. Leave the jar covered for 14 days and shake daily. When the two weeks are over, the prepared tincture is strained through a filter. Squeeze the soaked roots well.

Place the fresh or dried cinquefoil leaves in another glass and pour the prepared tincture over them. Let it move out again for 14 days. After the specified time, strain again through a filter and pour into brown glass bottles with a dropper cap or pipette. Label the name of the cinquefoil tincture and the date.


Take up to 20 drops

Helps with:

for all disorders of the digestive tract

Tip: Always remember that high-quality herbal products should not come into contact with metal.

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