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Cinnamon tincture

Cinnamon tincture


3 cinnamon sticks

100 ml alcohol

Mortar or spice grinder

screw-top jar

fine sieve, linen cloth or filter

Brown glass bottle with dropper


Crush the cinnamon sticks in a mortar or spice mill. Then put the cinnamon in a screw-top jar and pour the alcohol over it. Close the jar and let it steep in the warmth for 10 to 14 days.

After the specified time, the cinnamon can be strained through a fine sieve, linen cloth or filter and the tincture can be poured into an brown glass bottle with a dropper. Don't forget to label it with your name and date.


Use the cinnamon tincture drop by drop.

Can help/helps with:

As a hemostatic agent for the uterus and to strengthen the stomach.

Attention: Alcohol is not for children, young people, pregnant women and drivers!!!

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