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chicken soup

chicken soup


1 soup chicken

1 stalk of leek

1 celery bulb

4 carrots

1 clove of garlic

½ bunch of parsley

1 bay leaf

5 juniper berries

½ teaspoon ground ginger




large pot

possibly a garlic press


Peel the celery root, carrots and garlic clove. Then cut the leek, celery and carrots into small pieces and add them to the large pot with the soup chicken. Now fill the pot with water until the chicken is well covered. Wash and chop the parsley and add it, as well as the bay leaf, the juniper berries and the garlic pressed through the garlic press. The soup should now simmer for about 1 ½ hours.

After the specified time, the chicken is removed, the meat is removed from the bones and returned to the soup. Finally season with salt and pepper and taste.

Have a hot bowl of chicken soup throughout the day. This boosts the immune system, loosens mucus, covers increased fluid requirements and noticeably strengthens the sick body.

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