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Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)



antibacterial, appetite stimulating, digestive

Areas of application:

has a balancing effect on the stomach and intestines, ensures good digestion, prevents flatulence, calms nervous stomachs, gives fresh breath, binds the smell of garlic, prevents bacteria and fungi in the intestines, increases gastric juice secretion, stimulates the flow of bile on, pleasure-increasing, potency-increasing

Plant parts used:


Collection time:


To find:

Tree of the tropical forests of southern India and Ceylon.


Essential oil with terpinyl acetate and cineole


☕ Tea: Pour 1/4 liter of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of seeds roughly crushed in a mortar, let steep for 10 minutes and strain. 1 cup with heavy meals.

🛑 Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if only in small quantities.

Cardamom is a means of sexual magic and belongs in the incense of every love spell and every ritual that is intended to awaken love.

The plant is related to ginger and galangal and forms a tuberous rhizome from which reed-like leaves grow. The 1/2 meter high flower shoots are a wonderful sight in the tropical forests of India; seed capsules form on them. In contrast to the other ginger plants, the seeds and not the thickened roots are used as a spice.

Green, white and brown cardamom are commercially available. The green one is the best, the white one has its seed pods bleached and the brown one does not come from the real bush, but from a subspecies. To use in the kitchen, remove the capsule shells and crush the seeds in a mortar. With freshly ground cardamom, the active ingredients are still preserved, which cannot always be said with the finished powder.

Cardamom hasn't really caught on in our Central European kitchens. It is used extensively in Arabic cuisine. It is what gives gingerbread its typical taste. It would also go well with meat and vegetable dishes. A pinch of it is enough. The aroma is sweet and delicate, somewhat reminiscent of lemon. Cardamom also goes well with baked goods, puddings, compotes and biscuits, but also with lamb, roast pork and minced meat. All rice dishes and fatty fish benefit from its seasoning.

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