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Candied borage flowers

Candied borage flowers


100 g borage flowers


300g sugar


fine sieve


Parchment paper or baking paper


The borage flowers are poured over or scalded with boiling water in a pot. Then pour the water through a sieve and carefully dab the borage flowers.

Now bring the sugar and a little water to the boil in the pot until it bubbles. Be careful, it could splash!! Add the borage flowers and after a moment remove the pot from the heat. Don't let the mixture cool completely so that you can still get the flowers out of the sugar crust. Tip: Use tweezers to remove the flowers. Allow the candied borage flowers to cool completely on baking paper until they have solidified.

The sweet candied borage flowers can be snacked on as is or poured over with sparkling wine and served as a welcome drink. Garnished on desserts and puddings just looks great.

It is also important to mention that borage leaves and borage flowers contain a small amount of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (as in coltsfoot), which in large quantities have a liver-damaging and perhaps carcinogenic effect, at least this has been shown in animal experiments. As with all plants, one should not overuse it. Always the 3 weeks and then a longer break... But this only applies to internal use.

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