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Bladderbush (Colutea arborescens)

Slightly poisonous



laxative, diuretic, blood purifying

Areas of application:


Plant parts used:

Seeds, sometimes leaves

Collection time:


To find:

In parks, sometimes released into the wild in protected locations where sweet chestnuts also grow.


Essential oil, tannins, toxic bitter substances, minerals, vitamin C, toxic colutea acid, canavanine, fatty oil


🛑 Caution: The pods of the Bladderbush sometimes tempts children to try it, but their digestive systems are too weak to tolerate even small amounts of the plant's poisonous cocktail. Poisoning is manifested by vomiting and diarrhea, as well as inflammation in the stomach and intestinal tract. While people usually react to Colutea with diarrhea, animals tolerate the fruits and leaves very well, sheep in particular are fond of it.

The seeds taste unpleasantly bitter, they usually immediately make you vomit, so even if you consume larger quantities, not too much can get into the bloodstream.

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