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Bladder campion (Silene vulgaris)


Vitamin-providing, metabolism-stimulating, foaming

Areas of application:

Chronically inflamed eyes, ophthalmia, as a skin-softening lotion or cream, to vitalize the body

Plant parts used:

Root, leaves, young shoots

Collection time:

April to September

To find:

On fallow land, embankments, bushes, transitions between paths and roads and rubble heaps.


Saponins, little bitter substances, sugar, vitamins, minerals


The Bladder campion is a carnation plant with many subspecies, often found as a precursor to other plants.

In the kitchen you can use the young leaves, which taste sweet, in summer salads. Fresh roots or leaves can be used in a soup, also as a vegetable or as fresh pressed juice.

A decoction of several roots produces a mild washing solution for sensitive materials.

Dried Bladder campion root can be used as a smoking agent.

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