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Bedstraw (Galium verum)



antispasmodic, diuretic, diuretic, wound-healing, skin-cleansing, nerve-calming, gland-stimulating, expectorant, anti-cancer, stone-dissolving, blood-purifying

Areas of application:

Supports the elimination of toxins and waste in the lymphatic system, urinary tract, swollen ankles, cramps, epilepsy, goiter, glandular problems, kidney disease, nervousness, depression, poorly healing wounds, cancerous ulcers, breast cancer, sunburn, burns, acne pimples, varicose veins

Plant parts used:

Flowering herb

Collection time:

Beginning of the flowering period (July to August)

To find:

In the past it often thrived on dry meadows, slopes, embankments and forest edges. However, yellow and white bedstraw have now been decimated in some places. Wherever possible, it should be replanted.


Rennet, silica, tannin, essential oil, citric acid, glycoside, aucubin, flavonoids


☕Tea: 2 teaspoons of bedstraw are poured with 1/4 liter of boiling water and left to steep for 10 minutes. 3 cups of tea per day are enough.

Bedstraw is often part of the herb bundle that is consecrated on the occasion of the Assumption of Mary (August 15). According to Christian legend, Mary laid the baby Jesus on bedstraw, because this was the only thing the donkey left untouched.

Bedstraw only grows in special places that radiate a certain happiness energy, i.e. where the earth loves us. In these noble places the herb strengthens our personal guardian angel through its growth.

In England the plant is still used as a dye today. A red dye can be obtained from the root and a yellow dye from the flowers.

If bedstraw smells particularly intense, there will be a period of bad weather. For the scented bowl that smells like hay, mix bedstraw, woodruff and sweet clover.

Hildegard von Bingen: The flowers, crushed and laid over, heal what has been damaged by fire. When brought into the nose, they stop the bleeding, and when upset in other ways, they stop the blood. A foot bath with it takes away the tiredness.

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