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Barbara herb (Barbarea vulgaris)

Barbara herb (Barbarea vulgaris)


Metabolism stimulating, diuretic, blood purifying

Areas of application:

Wounds, injuries, with hyperacidity of the stomach, gynecological problems, with kidney stones

Plant parts used:

leaves, seeds

Collection time:

all year round

To find:

Found on ditches and stream banks.


Mustard oil glycosides, vitamin C, minerals


☕ Tea: Pour 1/4 liter of water over 1 teaspoon of fresh herb and let it steep briefly (5 to 10 minutes) or chop up 2 teaspoons of seeds and pour 1/4 liter of cold water over it, bring the whole thing to the boil and let it steep for 10 minutes. If you drink up to 3 cups a day, it has a diuretic effect.

The Barbara herb has a good reason for its name; on December 4th it was still so juicy that it could be used as a wound dressing for miners' or carpenters' injuries. It is dedicated to the patron saint of miners, St. Barbara.

The leaves can be used as a salad and are therefore a source of vitamins all year round. Since Barbara's herb is considered to purify the blood and have a diuretic effect, you could also carry out a spring treatment.

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