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Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)

Very poisonus

Autumn crocus


inhibits cell division, relieves pain

Areas of application:

acute gout attacks, severe rheumatism, nerve pain, leukemia, skin cancer and tumors

The autumn crocus remedy requires a prescription and should not be used by laypeople!

Plant parts used:

tubers, seeds

Collection time:

June to July

To find:

On nutrient-rich meadows and on embankments.


Cochicine and another 20 alkaloids, fatty oil, protein, tannins


🛑 Poisoning is only noticed after 2 hours at the earliest and after 12 hours at the latest; in most cases it is fatal. Even a single seed can be dangerous for a child. There is a risk of confusion with wild garlic leaves.

Difference between wild garlic and autumn crocus leaves: Wild garlic smells strongly of garlic. Wild garlic leaves always have a clear stem, whereas autumn crocus leaves do not. Near the ground, in the lower part of the leaves, you can find the hidden fruit of the autumn crocus (capsule with 3 black threads), but this is not visible in wild garlic.

The cell toxin cochicine is similar to arsenic.

Autumn crocus

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