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Arum, Spotted Arum (Arum maculatum)




Calms nerves, promotes expectoration, loosens mucus

Areas of application:

Hoarseness, coughing when the voice fails, swollen throat, larynx and mouth mucous membranes, gout, rheumatism, lung and chest problems, consumption, stomach problems, gynecological diseases, as a wound healer, earache, wounds, relieves hemorrhoids

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

Spring or autumn

To find:

In humus beech forests. Aronstab is protected! This plant is fresh, poisonous in all parts!!!


Glycoside saponins, hydrogen cyanide, main active ingredient: aroin, coniine, pungent substances


Incense drives away vermin "if they are hit with the smoke, they fall over as if they were dead".

The arum becomes less dangerous when boiled and dried.

🛑 Attention: Touching the plant may cause reddening of the skin.

Hildegard von Bingen: It is neither lukewarm nor too strong, but has even and moderate warmth... A person who has a mucous fever in the stomach, from which various kinds of chills arise, is boiling the root of the arum in pure wine and let him drink it warm. A person in whom melancholy is growing often drinks wine; it softens the melancholy in him.

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