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Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)



antioxidant, liver-protecting, liver-strengthening, detoxifying, bile-healing, blood circulation, sugar-lowering, digestive, appetite-stimulating, stomach-strengthening, antiseptic, blood fat-lowering

Areas of application:

Axillary sweat, aphrodisiac, cleanses kidney, bile and liver, regenerates liver cells, lowers cholesterol, stimulates digestion, protects against radiation, promotes bile flow, affects blood sugar levels, promotes fat digestion, promotes blood circulation and detoxification of the body

Plant parts used:

Fresh plant, leaf rosette leaves, root

Collection time:

Summer to autumn

To find:

The artichoke probably originally comes from Ethiopia. In our shops.


Bitter substances (sesquiterpene lactones), mucilage, tannins, flavonoids, cynarin, carotene, folic acid, vitamins C and E, inulin, minerals, sodium


☕ Tea: Pour 1/4 liter of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of artichoke leaves and let it steep for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink.

The artichoke root tea is served with cold water and then left to steep for 10 minutes. Both types of tea should be drunk as hot as possible and can be refined with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or a little honey.

🛑 Attention: The juice from the plant or other preparations should not be used if you have a composite allergy or if the bile ducts are blocked, as biliary colic can be triggered - However, it has a preventive effect against gallstones. Caution is also advised for pregnant women and children up to 12 years of age - to be on the safe side, consult your doctor.

The artichoke cleanses dark thoughts and protects against negative influences and it establishes contact with the bright, light, invisible worlds. The essence from the fresh plant helps children and adults to survive new situations better. It is one of the strong light plants, is a master plant and is a link between earth-bound people and the higher spheres.

The dried parts of the plant can be smoked well; it drives away negative energies.

In the kitchen you should cook the artichoke with leaves and stems. Although the leaves and stems are not edible, the cooking water can still be used. You can drink it throughout the day and therefore have 3 times as many healing substances.

The artichoke is cooked in a pot with salted water and a splash of lemon juice. The stem is removed beforehand. After about 30 to 40 minutes, take the plant out of the pot (be careful when it is hot), let it drain (in a sieve, for example, or with a kitchen towel and place it on the plate. Then remove the leaves and remove the hay soil from the top. Now you eat the artichoke heart - the inside and can eat it with a sauce or with a dip.

Artichoke is a plant that introduces sodium.

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