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Apple (Pyrus malus - crab apple), (Pyrus domestica - Malus sylvestris)



Sleep-promoting, digestive, constipating, stool-regulating

Areas of application:

lowers cholesterol levels, gout, rheumatism, hardening of the arteries, prevents bleeding gums, hoarseness, cough, catarrh, is a natural sleep aid, strengthens and calms the nerves, obesity, stone disease, heart failure, anemia, skin aging, diarrhea, inflammation in the intestines, detoxify, stabilizes blood sugar, has a beneficial effect on heart and vascular diseases, relieves inflammation, protects the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, and inhibits the growth of tooth decay bacteria

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

Late summer and autumn

To find:

Rarely found on must meadows, otherwise in your own garden or on remote roads.


Fruit acids, fructose, tannins, pectin, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, phosphoric acid, potassium


☕ Tea: Add dried apple peels cold, let them boil gently for 8 to 10 minutes and strain, adding a few pieces of apple to improve the aroma. Enriched with apple leaves, this is a remedy for inflamed ulcers (external and internal)

All apple varieties have been bred from the ancestor, the crab apple.


The apple is particularly popular as a love oracle: on St. Andrew's Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve you peel an apple so that the peel does not tear off. Then the bowl is thrown back over the shoulder and the first letter of the loved one's name can be seen from the figure on the ground.

Whoever owns a branch with a bud, a flower and a fruit on it will be granted entry into the world beyond on Samhain (October 31st).

Applesauce binds harmful substances in the intestines and causes them to be excreted. The scientific proof has been provided today. Unfortunately, there are people who tolerate raw apples and apple juice well, but react immediately with diarrhea when they eat applesauce.

Raw grated apple is constipating and helps with diarrhea.

Apples counteract hyperacidification; paradoxically, this applies to sour and semi-sour apples to an even greater extent than to sweeter apples.

Hildegard von Bingen: Raw apples do some harm to sick people. Fried or boiled, they are good for healthy and sick people. Old, wrinkled apples can be eaten raw by healthy and sick people. The fruit of the tree is tender and easy to digest.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Careful! Slimming products containing apple pectins keep coming onto the market. They are usually very overpriced, but have the advantage that you need less time to get a decent portion of pectin by consuming them. However, they have nothing to offer compared to the original in terms of biologically active ingredients.

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