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Andonis florets, spring (Adonis vernalis)


Andonis florets, spring


strengthens circulation, increases cardiac performance

Areas of application:

with limited cardiac output, old age heart, heart problems, heart muscle weakness, heart palpitations, urinary tract problems, dropsy, stone disease, heart rhythm problems, infectious diseases, prostate problems, hyperthyroidism

Plant parts used:

parts above ground without roots

Collection time:

April to June

To find:

Adonis rose comes from Russia and is strictly protected. You could plant them in your own garden.


Cardiac glycosides, strophanthidin, adonitoxin, adonitoxol, cymarin and another 20 flavon glycosides


🛑 Attention: Self-application is not recommended! Overdose causes nausea, vomiting and cardiac arrhythmias. In the event of poisoning, the first measure is to administer medical charcoal and you must go to the hospital immediately.

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