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After sun lotion

St. John's wort oil

After sun lotion


St. John's wort flowers and buds

Almond oil, olive oil or germ oil


In a screw-top jar, place the St. John's wort flowers and buds (1:2) and pour the oil over them. Then leave it at room temperature for 2 weeks and then strain it through a filter.


After-Sun Lotion


50 ml whole milk

50 ml St. John's wort oil

2 - 3 drops of essential oil, for example lavender oil or geranium oil


When all the ingredients are equally warm, the milk can be poured into a bowl and whipped with a mixer until frothy. Add the oil drop by drop and finally the essential oil.

The after-sun lotion can be kept refrigerated for around 1 week.

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